Power Pack

The "Power Pack" is a bunch of great kids, that have helped me with brain storming, and volunteering. My hope for them is to help inspire them to help others. Also to hopefully teach them the ways of Power of Florence in hopes that the will help carry on this day until Florence can take it on for itself. Last summer we got together did some volunteering, and brainstorming for what we can do in the future.    


This is Ava, Ava heard about "Little Free Libraries" from a magazine and wanted to make one. When she went to a "Power Pack" meeting she shared her idea, all the other kids thought it was a good idea. Then with the help of her parents and the middle school wood shop Ava built a Little Free Library! She shared it with others during the Power of Florence. Ava's library is now stocked full of books and in front of the Florence Food Share.